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Getting skinny the healthy way…I think…

So I started the whole ‘fitness thing’ at the start of November…


I’d been reading alot of blogs that inspired me and after taking alot of migraine medication I realised I am heavier now than I have ever been…it was time to cut the crap.


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a foodie. I love to indulge. Especially in cheesecake.


Although this hasn’t always been the case.


The lightest I have ever been was around 38kg. (No, that is not a good thing, especially when you’re 173cm tall.) The heaviest? 75kg.


My life’s weight could be explained in one word. Fluctuating.


I’ve been on fad diets before…or should I say, ‘starvation diets’… I’ve struggled with eating disorders and body-dysmorphia my entire life and I guess this started out as ‘another fad diet’, but it’s become something more.


I started by not being happy with my weight…heh, who am I kidding, I have NEVER been happy about my weight. But this spanned from the realisation that the medication I’m on makes it almost impossible for me to lose… I don’t like the word ‘impossible’…in fact, that word might as well mean ‘challenge accepted’.


So I started by dropping carbs. Oh, dear, sweet, lovely, delicious carbohydrates… My biggest downfall. Although when I say ‘carbs’ I mean ‘bread, pasta, rice and potatoes’. Or really, anything with wheat in it…
And after talking to the school Mum’s that live and breathe treadmills, I realised it was time for me to get off my butt and chuck in some exercise too…
I started walking with the school Mum’s every Monday…around a park that is around about 5.5km long. Not bad.


Then I read a few blogs and about the goals that people were setting themselves exercise-wise. A few people mentioned that their goal was to walk at least 50km a month.
Which got me to thinking… “Wow, that’s a HUGE goal!” But then…
I calculated, if I walked every Monday with the school Mum’s for a month, I would have clocked up 22km in a month. 22 KILOMETRES! That’s almost half of the ‘healthy bloggers’ goals…
So, I thought, what if I started walking, not only on Mondays but Tuesdays and Wednesdays too? I’m not always free, but I could swap and change and work around the huge list of appointments… I could make it work…and within a month, I could quite possibly clock up around 60km… Better than those fitness fanatics?


So, in the spirit of competition (with people who have no idea who I am and have no idea I’m competing…) I began my life of being one of those ‘healthy people’.


Cutting carbs….went alot more smoothly than it has before… But it’s not enough. I wasn’t losing weight even though I was walking like a maniac and doing all of the sit-ups, push-ups, star-jumps and ab-circles I could muster…
And then one of the Jays mentioned that he had an app on his phone that counted calories.
Now, I don’t have a smart phone. I’m really not in the financial position to own one just yet either…but it intrigued me…


How many calories was I consuming AND burning off?

What did people do before apps?

Oh, that’s right, ye olde internet. (uhuh, if you’re still only using the internet and not apps, you’re living in the past…sigh)


CalorieKing.com.au to be exact.


So, as you fitness gurus would be seeing…. I am quite possibly going the wrong way about this… I have absolutely no idea how to lose weight healthily, but I’m making a start…?
And so far, I have kept to my word… No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, muffins or cheesecakes…

I can still eat the top bit, right?


I have walked over 40km in 21 days. Only 20km to go?

I am kinda proud of that…and my new favourite word? ‘Dedication’.

I am dedicated to being healthy…dedicated to keeping this up for the rest of my life instead of for as long as it takes me to get down to my goal weight. Dedicated to ‘getting skinny the healthy way’.


Any clever suggestions would be much appreciated… 🙂





So, I thought I’d talk a little bit about Carli.


Carli is another person I don’t really know but love dearly.


She is one of the childcare workers who works with Heidi 2 days a week. She’s lovely, down-to-earth and has the most infectious laugh I’ve ever had the privilege to hear. She goes the extra mile and then some, she is one-in-a-million.


Recently it dawned on me that Heidi only has about 6 weeks left of childcare with Carli…before she moves up to 3 year old Kinder and a brand new worker. That’s 12 days left for the year. 12 days to gather up the courage to tell Carli how much she has meant to us over the last 3 years. 12 days to let her know how much she’s appreciated, how amazing she truly is…because, even though it’s obvious to me…does she really know? I think I’ve spent alot of time just assuming she knows just how important she is. And then it dawned on me – nobody can read my mind, so even though it may be overstepping the bounds…I feel she needs to hear it.


How many people do you know that you appreciate more than words can express? Have you ever told them?


She’s worked with Heidi since she was 14 months old. She paid close attention to Heidi, making sure she was fed before she cried…which was the main thing I was worried about when we first started. She celebrated with us as Heidi learnt to sit up on her own, as she finally gathered a sense of well-being, as she began to feed herself, when she started crawling on all fours and pulling herself to a stand. And finally as she took her first steps. She was there clapping and cheering and crying just as much as myself.


When it was suggested that I should teach Heidi sign language, Carli was the first to pick my brain about all of the signs I was using at home. When there was an opportunity to do a ‘Key-Word Signing’ course, Carli was the first to put her hand up. She partnered me throughout the course and learnt everything that I did with as much enthusiasm as myself.


She worked one-on-one with Heidi’s Physio, O.T. and Speech Therapists to make sure she could take over all of the exercises while Heidi was with her.
We were absent for 2 days one week and she told me how she’d hoped it was because of Heidi’s long-awaited surgery…it wasn’t, but it was nice to know she’d remembered and had been thinking of us the entire time.


She tells me constantly that I’m an amazing Mum and how much she admires me – being told that by someone you admire so much is impossible to top.
She’s the one who told me to “find your niche and go for it”.


My dilemma is, how on earth do you thank someone like that? What kind of present would do her justice? I’ve written a letter so far, which seems to be the best way to convey our appreciation…other than that, I’m stumped.


Life is all about change, moving up and on and all that…but I have to admit, this really sucks. We’re really going to miss her and I hope by the time the end of the year is here, she knows all of this and more. We really wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for her…



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Walking is overrated


“So, why isn’t she walking yet?”


This is a question I hear FAR too often! Not just from parents but Doctors too…


I mean, really? I don’t know Einstein…how about you enlighten ME?


Yes, my daughter is almost 4 years old. Yes, I realised a LONG time ago that 18 months is usually the cut off age for walking. Yes, I have done every therapy and exercise you can possibly think of to help her walk. Yes, she has Down syndrome. Yes, I realise that MOST kids with Down syndrome walk late, but not THAT late.
What do these people expect me to say exactly?


Don’t they think that I’ve tormented myself over this exact question every day since she turned 18 months old?
Don’t they realise the heartbreaking realisations that come with this ignorant question?
Do they think I just lock her up in a box that she can only sit in all day?


For goodness sake.


I understand, you’re trying to make conversation. This isn’t a slight against me, and you’re not trying to make me feel bad. I get where the heart of this question comes from.


But it gets to me. God damn, it gets to me.


After she hit 18 months, it was a little disheartening, but reasonable.

“Okay, she has Down syndrome, you knew it was going to take extra work…”
I looked up other parents on facebook and BabyCentre and googled the heck out of “Typical walking age + Down syndrome”.
I poured my heart out to my family and they all patted me on the back and tried to make me feel better.
‘Okay..so she’ll probably be walking by 2. I have to give her extra leeway, that has to be expected.’


2 years old comes and goes…

Her 2nd birthday was great but a tad heart breaking. Truly. Mainly because I remember what Hannah did for her 2nd birthday. She stood next to the table. She sang Happy Birthday. She blew out her candles. She ran to open her presents.
It was a hard day.
‘But that’s okay. Just because she has Down syndrome, doesn’t mean she’s going to be exactly the same as all of the other kids with Down syndrome. You know this.’


When she was born, our Health Nurse gave us a ‘milestone sheet for DS’, which stated that she could be walking from anywhere between 9 to 76 months.


Everyone wants their child to be the genius. Everyone would love to have the prodigy. Everyone wants their child to prove everybody wrong and defy the odds.


‘Surely, she’ll definitely be walking by the time she’s 3.’


3 years old comes and goes.


And you know what? This is what I tell all of these people who ask this stupid question without thinking:


“I stopped stressing about that awhile ago and realised she will walk in her own time, not mine. And that’s okay.”


I can’t give my daughter a deadline. I worked harder than ever trying to get her to reach that milestone before 3 and it didn’t happen. I stressed and gave myself a migraine every single day over it. That wasn’t helping. Comparisons don’t help anybody.


When Heidi walks, everyone will know. When she walks, there will be the biggest celebration that has ever happened. Ever.


At the same time, IF she NEVER walks, we’ll be okay. Truly.


I get it. Sleeping is way better than walking!


(Heidi took 15 steps on her own this week!!!)





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