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Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

on October 15, 2012

Hannah is “that kid”.


You couldn’t imagine how many times I’ve said those words…


From the moment she was born, you could tell she didn’t like it. Her cries seemed to say “What is this?! Don’t touch me! What is this ‘clothing’ you speak of? What is this air thing? Water? You have GOT to be kidding me!” etc etc.
She didn’t like being cuddled or kissed or spoken/sung to… She just didn’t like or understand the world…and not alot has changed…


She doesn’t like loud noises, unless it’s her own voice. She doesn’t like “the scratchy sound” pens and pencils make. She’s never liked wearing clothes, of any sort… Socks, tights and shoes always “feel funny”.


She sees everything in black and white. There is no grey. There is fact or fiction, nothing inbetween. And if you don’t know this, she will tell you until she’s blue in the face.


She’s the kid who will blatantly argue the idea of Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, and in turn, ruins all of the little kid’s hopes and dreams. She doesn’t have a problem letting everyone know their flaws. In fact, she insists on letting everyone know, just in case they didn’t already… “Did you know your eyes move too much?” or ” You’re a bit fat.” or “Your nose doesn’t suit your face”. She is matter-of-fact about everything.


She has no shame… She’s the kid who will strip off in the middle of the oval, in front of hundreds of people, because “It’s too hot for clothes.” She’s the kid who throws her head back and wails or drops to the floor screaming in the middle of the supermarket or school assembly because things aren’t as she expected. She’s the kid who coughs up phlegm into her hand and eats it, no matter where she is or how many people start gagging because of it…


She acts on impulse. If her sister is crying, she’ll throw a book at her head. If the kids at school won’t play with her, she’ll run up and kick them. If the teacher isn’t listening, she’ll overturn the table/chair/kid next to her…or just scream…she screams alot…


She doesn’t understand competition. She wants to come first, but she doesn’t comprehend running the race or the idea that she may come last. She wants to win the prize, but she can’t see why she has to do things to get it…


My main reason for writing this post today is because her teacher had a talk with me this morning…which went something like this:


“Hannah told the whole class Santa doesn’t exist and, no matter what I said, she wouldn’t drop it…so if you could talk to her about it? She made quite a few children really upset…”

Now, this is something that happens quite often… I expect to have ‘a talking to’ every pickup and dropoff time… And I’ve spoken to Hannah many, many times about Santa Claus…since she was about 4 years old, when she worked it out for herself…and I’ve always made a big point that she can’t go around telling everyone as it may make them upset…




What is getting to me, is that this is such a big issue. I get it, she’s in Prep, most kids at 5 or 6 years old still have faith in the bearded man who brings them presents every Christmas… You just don’t do that.


But, should I really be encouraging my 6 year old to lie?


I know she’s hurting feelings. I know she’s crushing dreams. I also know she’s telling the truth…


4 responses to “Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

  1. jessmittens says:

    I’m still laughing about this.
    I just remember when me and my primary school bestie were told by another kid that Santa wasn’t real. We were only six or seven but we looked at each other and decided we were just going to believe in him for fun anyway and weren’t too bothered, I also remember telling that kid that they shouldn’t be going around saying that in case one of the other children weren’t meant to find out that way.
    Kids are wusses (wooses?) nowadays! haha. Can’t believe they were ‘really upset’ all weekend :/

    Maybe we were just extra tough children.
    You’re right, she’ll always tell the truth, stand up for what’s right and true and never let herself be bullied and that’s something. Hannah should grow up to be in politics, we might actually get an honest politician out of her!

    • Haha! Politics? God help us. 😉 She’s always good for a laugh, that’s for sure…retrospect is awesome… You wouldn’t believe how many parents hate ME for that little stunt right now though… 😛 And yeah, wusses, the lot of them 😀

  2. It’s such a difficult call — to ask your child to follow the school rules if you don’t fully agree with them yourself. A friend of mine is going through this now with her son. He’s 6, so a year older than my son, but still very young. Another student hit her son on the playground, and her son hit back. Which I think is not the best answer, but really this is what happens at this age. However, the teacher is insistent that no one should hit anyone, even in retaliation, and instead, the children should run to her and “tell on” the one who hit first. To me, this doesn’t teach the children responsibility, or give them a way to settle their own differences. It’s all about face-time, and who gets to the teacher first.

    The Santa Claus issue is a difficult one, good luck with whatever path you choose!

    • I do not condone the hitting, in any way shape or form, let’s just get that straight. We’ve gone through the “telling the teacher instead of getting them back” talk…and most of the time she sticks to it… But the Santa thing… I’ve reiterated too many times that it’s not okay, because it will upset those who don’t know. And we’ve had another talk about it… The same as the people with weight issues or nystagmus etc…and within weeks it’s as if I’ve never said anything. It ALWAYS makes ME the bad guy, that’s what gets to me.

      How do you teach empathy? Also, how can I expect my child to tell me the truth when in some circumstances she has to lie? It is difficult, our world revolves around white lies and grey areas… Maybe WE’RE the ones who need to change?

      Thanks for taking the time to comment 😀

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