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Write about something that makes you smile…

on September 10, 2012



I’d like to write something happy for once. Something nice, something that makes people think and see that I’m not actually angry or sad at the world ALL of the time…


I’m not, not ALL of the time…some of the time, yes, and usually that’s what prompts me to write, to vent, to release, to unload… When I’m happy, I never really see a reason to write about it, as I like it…it’s not something I want to get rid of.


I guess that’s why I don’t write much of the time anymore, even though I am amazing at typing…(really, you should see me, even after all this time of not having a computer, I can still speed-touch-type like a superhero…wow, that makes me happy).


Life has been good. Really good. And I’m not just saying that, even though I’m sure people would take one look at my life and assume I’m trying to make up for something that isn’t actually good at all.


I’m single. Have been for over a year now. And, truthfully, it has been the greatest year of my life, with ALL of the realisations and loveliness you could possibly imagine. I’ve spent great times with my kids, I’ve been to the movies all by myself, seeing a movie nobody else wanted to see (seriously, that was the greatest), I’ve eaten ALL of the cheesecake (and paid for it, but dammit it was SO worth it), I’ve listened to terrible music and sung my heart out, I’ve read books because I actually had time to myself here and there that wasn’t taken up by life or a goddamned boyfriend.


Hannah started school this year…and it turns out, she’s actually quite brilliant (yeah, I knew that already, but hearing it from other people is the best). Emotionally and socially we have a way to go…but academically? BRILLIANT. Who would’ve thought that she would be reading at a level above everyone else in her class? Who would’ve thought, that I could actually teach somebody to read, let alone Math & Science?!


Heidi is also progressing brilliantly…albeit in different ways, the smallest amount of progress makes me feel on top of the world. She took 4 steps unsupported this week, she signed ‘Giraffe’ and ‘Lion’ and she’s been cruising the furniture and walls more than ever before…


I really do love my life right now, nothing is perfect but we’re working on it and coming along in leaps and bounds…


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